Headgames in dating advice

Yet, as we mature, we outgrow these games and learn to date without them.

Remember, you’re dating to find somebody special, and that shouldn’t require manipulation or following some sort of playbook. They want a partner who is interesting, challenging, exciting, and fun, but that doesn’t mean the relationship has to be difficult.

Dating can be drama free and enjoyable if both people are kind and mature.

The mind games muddy the testing waters and you’re left wondering…

As much of a control freak as I may be, I truly desire a PARTNER. Someone who knows what he wants and works hard to attain it.

Did you get out of an abusive relationship and still carrying the wounds?

Find what’s hurting you mentally so you can get into a healthy relationship.

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Some people may confuse these two ideas and think an interesting person automatically equals a more challenging relationship.

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  2. Occasionally, there are individuals who assume the duo are married or dating, or try to set them up as a couple. Sometimes their sexual orientation makes them incompatible.