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Apply a little pressure on their back, and with your eyes closed, visualize the love and the affection you have for your partner.Visualize the positive energy flowing from your body to your hands and into your partner’s body.Dress yourself up in soft clothing or take your clothes off.[Read: How to look really good naked using 15 real life tips] #4 Things you need.And most importantly, did your partner really enjoy it?You may not realize this, but a sensual massage is a union of two bodies experiencing the bliss felt by one.[Read: How to turn yourself on with your senses] #6 The energy exchange.The energy exchange is the most important part of a good sensual massage.

[Read: The right way to dress for sex and enjoy it better] How to give a good sensual massage A massage doesn’t take long, nor does it need a lot of accessories.Love and lust will start flowing to and fro between your bodies.This may seem rather out-of-the-world as you read it, but as soon as you try this step with your partner, you’ll realize the connection within a few minutes.[Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 naughty and sexy ways] The art of the perfect massage Have you ever given a sensual massage to your partner?How do you feel when you give a massage to your lover?

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