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'The guy in the white shirt already had blood on him when I started filming,' Tena, an office worker who lives nearby, told Daily on Wednesday night.

He described how the man and woman were about to drive away when the pedestrian threw another trash can at the vehicle.

The pedestrian, dressed in red, retaliated by throwing a trash can at Roman's car, prompting him to pull over.

The men stopped traffic on Broadway as one dragged a second trash can from across the street after throwing a first can at the car.

According to defense lawyer Robert Harold, Roman's wife was also injured in the fight and had to get stitches to her head.Eight months pregnant Samarwati Devi, 24 from Madhya Pradesh, central India went to hospital on Monday fearing an early labour. Samarwati claims she was slapped by the nurses and refused admission to the hospital, forcing her to leave in the middle of the night.Samarwati had started walking the trek back home with some relatives when her pains began again. She revealed she's dreamed of visiting India for her entire life.An MTA worker who was part of a street fight involving a metal trashcan and a machete in New York City has claimed he acted in self defense.Luis Roman, 40, appeared in court for his arraignment hearing Thursday with a white bandage wrapped around his head.

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