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We sell antique furniture and are based in Cornwall.We are happy to discuss any such matters either by phone or email., had no pedals and the rider merely moved his feet to move forward.By 1840 this design had been improved upon with cranks to the rear axle.Manufacturing and improving bicycles led to advancements in technology that would affect everything from metal working to the automobile industry.Even some of the technology necessary to create a working aircraft was developed during this time.Although a Victorian bicycle could cost as much as 150 dollars (several months' salary) it became so popular that cycling clubs sprung up all over the country.With people riding bicycles the roads had to be of higher quality than they had been and so roadways began to be smoothed and graded.

Browse contemporary and traditional toilets, basins or baths, while Victorian Plumbing also offer electric showers, enclosures, trays and doors.To see an enlarged image of each item just move the mouse over the image. antique furniture Cornwall A selection of three antique boxes dating from the late eighteenth century.The tea caddy being made from mahogany with boxwood lines.Antique furniture is a great addition to any home, as well as being an investment.A large proportion of modern furniture is not built to last and often ends up in landfill.

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This allowed pedals to be located on either side of the large, front wheel. Dunlop invented pneumatic tires which created a smoother, more comfortable ride.

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