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Companies such as Geo Trust, through its Quick SSL and Free SSL products, and IPSCA, the Spanish SSL Provider, perform only the first stage of the two-step validation process (as employed by all other SSL Providers) by only verifying that the applicant owns the domain name provided during Certificate application.This validation step relies on the use of Domain Name Registrar details to validate ownership of a domain name and then a challenge email is sent to the listed administrator of the domain name.This paper examines how we use SSL commercially and how good validation processes play a critical part in the preservation of a trusted e-commerce infrastructure. Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and integral.

The widespread use of SSL has invariably encouraged online commerce and helped it rise to its current levels.So by relying solely on such records, potentially untrustworthy information is being trusted.Bizarrely, Geo Trust even refer to this cut-down domain-control authentication process as being stronger than traditional two step validation - which includes both the domain name ownership validation step and the added step of business legitimacy verification.As a result of their "trusted" status, Certification Authorities have a responsibility to ensure they only ever issue SSL Certificates to legitimate companies.This may only be achieved by employing stringent validation processes to ensure issuance practices only allow the SSL Certificate to be issued to a legitimate company.

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Such warnings are undesirable for commercial sites - they will drive away customers.

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