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If you use Facebook, Twitter, or any of those sites you have to accept, at some time or another you’ll catch a glimpse of what your old flames up to now.

One day you get an excited phone call from your friend.

I don’t know how people get past third grade without knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your,” “too” and “to,” “weather” and “whether,” let alone make it to the “real world.” It’s actually mind-boggling and quite upsetting.

I get emails like this: “I love you pictures look like nothing invade you” and “hi how ar eyou happy Monday hope your having a great day.” I simply can’t.4) Cliches – Have a mind of your own, and come up with some original thoughts.

Even if it’s true please try to find a new way to phrase it. I also associate “play hard” with alcohol or drugs which I don’t partake in, so that is a personal turn off for me.

I mean, are there a lot of people you know who don’t like to laugh and have fun?

But I do know a lot of people have met their “soul mates” via some form of online dating.

By writing things like — “I can stay in or go out, I love expensive restaurants and dive bars, and I like to sit and stand” — it is obvious that you are trying to be very neutral and cover all the bases, as if you fit in anywhere, with anyone at all times. You’re the easiest most accommodating person on earth. So are we.2) Ridiculous and Gratuitous Photographs – We want to see what you look like and what kind of shape you’re in.That means a clear, current photo of your face at a reasonable distance from the camera — without sunglasses, hat, scuba diving mask, or ski goggles.We don’t need to see pictures of your friends, ex-girlfriends, children, nieces, nephews, cats, parrots or snakes.I guess this is to separate themselves from the lowlifes whose families aren’t important to them? Be secure enough to talk about yourself in the first person — you’re an adult, supposedly. As for me, my friends would describe me as an unfriendly bitch, my parents would describe me as a pain in the ass, and my ex-boyfriend said if I was a Care Bear I’d be “I Don’t Care” Bear.Or people whose kids are their second or third priorities after working and playing hard? I always think: “As opposed to the people who love them? I’m sorry, but if you say that you’re not into drama, it means you either are the drama or you attract drama.

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We also don’t need to see pictures of you engaging in every activity under the sun or under the surface of the ocean.

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  1. Horny women are always around you – though you don’t get to see this part of their personalities due to modern society’s restraints. Getting laid through the Internet isn’t hard – you just need a computer (of course) and you’re all set to go. Here are a few girls I banged over the past 1 and a half months.

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  3. Looking for someone kind, who will help me through this. I enjoy sports and competed successfully in running and swimming for 10 years and in other sports, too.