Dating across political lines

Interestingly, scholars actually disagree about whether the United States has become more polarized in terms of the policies that people support in the past few decades, but they agree that on the left and the right have gradually become more polarized.For example, opinion polls show that, over the last 40 years, people have steadily expressed more dislike of the opposite party.Studies have shown Americans think they are more ideologically opposed than they actually are.One study asked 2,212 US participants questions about moral beliefs like fairness and cheating, and it has gone so far as to suggest that "liberals and conservatives, while differing systematically in their moral world views, are actually more similar in their moral judgments than anyone thinks." In fact, both conservatives and liberals exaggerated their own moral judgments and those of the opposing party."People are likely to see people from the other political party as less attractive, and we found that for both men and women," said Stephen Nicholson, the study's lead author.

Sure, munching on pizza and wine while they did it certainly helped, but overall, they agreed on more than not.

But for most people, their antipathy toward the other party is much clearer.

They have to defend one of the most unlikable candidates in modern American history, a candidate who has called Mexicans criminals and women "fat pigs." What effect does affiliating oneself with a man who draws so much ire? That’s if you believe data from popular dating website Plenty Of Fish that shows only one in three women on their site are willing to date a Trump supporter, and that proclaiming yourself a Trump voter narrows one’s dating pool by 40 percent.

While some female Trump supporters certainly reject male Hillary Clinton supporters based on their political leanings, "male Trump supporters are more willing to date women with different views." That’s mostly because "males are much more willing to date across political lines than females." The reasoning is up for debate, but Oldridge hinted it may be simple numbers.

Since "women are less prevalent on online dating websites, they have the opportunity to narrow the field." And this female aversion to male Trump supporters is reflected in social media campaigns like "Vote Trump, Get Dumped," which urges women to withhold sex from men who plan to vote for the Republican nominee.

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