English women dating egyptian men

As they arrived to the airport in Alexandria, Beatrice encountered the flavors of Egypt for the first time.

Granted a scholarship by the Egyptian authorities, her husband Aly was studying to obtain his Ph D in Mathematics at Liverpool University, where he and Beatrice had met.Valentina Primo delves into the intricacies and intimacies of intercultural marriages as she speaks to six very different women from all over the world, with one common attribute: their Egyptian husbands.There is a massive cyber-library of gruesome books and articles revolving around the dangers of intercultural marriage, especially when it involves an Arab man, resulting in a global stereotype that configures nothing but prejudice.“It hasn’t always been smooth,” she says when describing her 45-year marriage.“We have had our difficult times as any couple does; but it wouldn’t have been different if I had married and English man,” she admits.

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