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Mya could be seen strutting her stuff in a figure-hugging red burlesque outfit in the music video alongside her fellow divas as they belted out the sexually suggestive lyrics “voulez vous coucher avec moi? Dressed in a long-sleeved white dress covered in fringe detail, she teamed the look with a pair of metallic gold pointed high heels.The Grammy Award-winning musician still writes and records music.By age 15, Mýa's musical side took over and her professional-musician father helped her perfect her vocal abilities.When he realized that his daughter was serious about a career in music, Mýa's father began shopping around with her demo tape, eventually catching the interest of University Music president and CEO Haqq Islam.RELATED: CIARA' S TOP BABY BUMP STYLE MOMENTS [PHOTOS] With two platinum albums (and another couple released only in Japan), her career hasn’t quite reached the heights of her contemporaries.But she’s nabbed a Screen Actors Guild award (for Best Ensemble in At 34, Mya says she’s ready to make some changes, take some risks and go for broke.

Checking in with EBONY while on the road promoting her latest, Mya muses on the current state of R&B, her love life, (or lack thereof) and why you shouldn’t believe half the rumors you’ve heard about her. And now, with social media and blogs, it’s even crazier.

EBONY: And are you sharing that sexy, smart and beautifulness with anyone right now? But if only person is committed, it’s not going to work out. EBONY: Your last two albums were only released internationally and the sales weren’t as high as your previous work. And do you worry about your future in this industry?

[Laughs] So a relationship is not my focus right now. Especially because of this industry and being a public figure. Social media can take things and twist them around, and something innocent on some website becomes a problem in your relationship. Mya: When things are meant to be, things are meant to be. I believe all things fall into place exactly when they’re supposed to.

There’s always been something mysterious behind Mya Marie Harrison’s Mona Lisa smile. The dichotomy of the sexy-sweet chanteuse is a familiar trope in entertainment, and Mya fell right in step with Aaliyah and TLC, helping pave the way for millennial tomboy sex kittens like Ciara.

native twirled onto the scene in the late 1990s, her wide brown eyes and freshly scrubbed look hinted at purity and innocence—until about 60 seconds into her first video, “It’s All About Me,” when she ripped off her skirt, slid to her knees and started dry humping the dance floor.

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