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The most recently-edited bulletin always pops to the top of the list.

This might be okay for some people but it would be nice to have a choice for the sort order, for example, alphabetically by title, or manually by a settable priority list.

I want to be able to have subdivisions too (such as “Combat” being split between PVE and PVP, or Industry being split between Mining and Production).

My feeling is the Corporation window should only be about the corporation you are currently in, not where you might be hoping to go.Post even if everything you want to say about how godawful the corporation interface is has already been said by everyone else before you. Pay no attention to the devs’ insistence that they aren’t looking at roles and titles right now. I already posted my thoughts in the thread, starting here.Reiteration and repetition of these same pain points by multiple voices will help drive home their importance to the devs. It took my entire evening and three forum posts to cover everything I wanted to say but it was definitely time well spent if it makes a difference for the future.The other day CCP Punkturis asked the playerbase to describe its “biggest pain points in the corp interface”. Naturally, roles and titles are at the top of everyone’s list, including mine, and rightly so.It is by far looking for the “biggest” pain points, they actually just want little things—the low-lying fruit—that might be easy to fix to help CEOs out.

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Why is the “Edit Welcome Mail” button on the Corporation Ads tab? If a corporation ad is about to expire, the CEO/Directors should get a notice about it rather than having to track the expiry date manually.

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