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He places the book near the end of Domitian’s reign, and that ruler died in A. Victorinus (late third century), author of the earliest commentary on the book of Revelation, wrote: When John said these things, he was in the island of Patmos, condemned to the mines by Caesar Domitian.

There he saw the Apocalypse; and when at length grown old, he thought that he should receive his release by suffering; but Domitian being killed, he was liberated (.18).

Salmon says that it is: difficult to understand how anyone could have imagined that the vision represents the temple as still standing.

For the whole scene is laid in heaven, and the temple that is measured is the heavenly temple (; 15:5).

If, however, this persecution is dated in the time of Nero, how does one account for the fact that Peter and Paul are murdered, yet John is only exiled to an island? For example, the Nicolaitans (2:6, 15) were a full-fledged sect at the time of John’s writing, whereas they had only been hinted at in general terms in 2 Peter and Jude, which were written possibly around A. For instance, Antipas had been killed in Pergamum ().

This is possible only by pursuing the most irresponsible form of exegesis.

series, and perhaps the greatest expert on apocalyptic literature, regarded the so-called bad grammar as deliberate, for purposes of emphasis, and consistent with the citation of numerous Old Testament passages (Gundry, 365).

It might be noted that in the 404 verses of Revelation, Westcott and Hort’s Greek New Testament gives over five hundred references and allusions to the Old Testament.

In the absence of external evidence in support of an early date for Revelation, preterists generally rely on what they perceive as internal support for their view.

It is contended that the Gospel of John has a much smoother style of Greek than does the Apocalypse. Gundry: Archaeological discoveries and literary studies have recently demonstrated that along with Aramaic and Hebrew, Greek was commonly spoken among first century Palestinians.

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