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AIM taught an entire generation of users a particular version of internet-speak.

Shortly after he arrived at the company in May 2001, he insisted that all of the knowledge domains (sports, weather, movies, etc.) plus the chat functionality be bundled together and launched under the screen name "Smarter Child" which was one of the many test bots that were being run internally (the screen name "Smarter Child" was one of Timothy Kay's personal test bots).But as AIM marches toward its final resting place, on the Buddy List in the sky, and an entire generation Googles "how to download your AIM logs," just remember for a moment how great it was when everyone used the same messaging app, when it gave us everything we needed, and when logging on to the internet was a joyful moment rather than a bracing one.Founded in 2000, Active Buddy was the brainchild of Robert Hoffer, Timothy Kay and Peter Levitan.AIM did voice chat before Skype, file-sharing before Dropbox.Any sufficiently sophisticated AIM user remembers Smarter Child, the dour, bizarre chatbot that would help you answer basic questions or debate the fate of the universe.

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