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The agency just finalized a rule first proposed in 2015 to label triclosan and 23 other active ingredients commonly found in the soaps a...Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and published in t... Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a new, risk-based enforcement approach to homeopathic drug products with the highest potential of causing harm to consumers.The author is a professor ameritus in the medical faculty of the University of Sydney.He has over 46 years of scientific research experience and more than 380 research publications, including over 87 on circumcision, mostly in peer-reviewed international journals.

The benefits exceed the risks by over 100 to 1, and if the level of suffering and fatalities are taken into account in men and their sexual partners the benefit is orders of magnitude higher than this.

Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2014 Mayo Clin Proc_IMC_2014Accompanying video available at: Country-specific and global prevalence of male circimcision. Erratum_Morris_Populat Health Metr_2016• A 'snip' in time: what is the best age to circumcise? • Circumcision and lifetime risk of urinary tract infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 2013; 189: 2118-2124 • Does Male Circumcision Affect Sexual Function, Sensitivity, or Satisfaction? Sexual Medicine 2015 • Costs and effectiveness of neonatal male circumcision Kacker S, Frick KD, Gaydos CA, Tobian AA. AIDS Care 2012: Dec issue (Epub ahead of print 28 Mar).

• Circumcision facts trump anti-circ fiction: A medical perspective on a contentious issue. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: • (Morris Skeptic Circ07.pdf) • Circumcision: who should you believe? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: • (Morris Skeptic08.pdf) International Journal of Children's Rights article.

Now, a study conducted by researchers from the Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands suggests that being socially active can ... Although conclusive studies are lacking, some research suggests a possible association between cell phone use and an increased risk for brain tumors, infertility in men, headaches, hearing and memory loss, and ...

According to the CDC, getting an annual flu vaccine is the single most important step you can take to protect yourself from influenza – a group of viruses that sends hundreds of thousands of Americans to the hospital each year. Kids and teens who experience bullying, neglect, abuse, or other forms of adversity are at increased risk for developing heart disease later in life, according to a statement issued by the American Heart Association (AHA) and published in Circulation...

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