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This book is a must for therapists who deal not only with sexulaity issuess but also relationship issues.

Previous research has demonstrated that all couples have arguments about work, money and sex.

The questionaire needs to be free of Right Wing Politics playing to the Neither Religious Nor Right. This was in fact a shoe string study fraught with many problems that almost completely derailed it. The incredibly ill-designed surveys of the past have warped American's views of themselves and our country, and the book details why.

Instead, many will find it reassuringly commonsensical. A little dry for the popular press, but if you want to know what they found in the first national survey of sexuality since Kinsey (and the first representative national survey of sexuality ever), this lays it all out in a fairly approachable manner.

They'll discover that their own sex lives are pretty normal and that if somebody else is making out like bandits, they're not enjoying it as much as Mr. A lot of groups with particular agendas attack this study because it doesn't confirm the biases of the past.

Breaking through the harsh stigma of sex and sexuality, Sex in America points in an unexpected direction: Americans aren't as Bohemian as we might think.

This finding: That Americans are not as erotic as the media and popular myth believes us to be, may be the most significant thing about Sex in America.

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