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Seranov, the leader: Oh God, have mercy upon your servant Sidona, for he was one of the virtuous Jews and not one of the damned. Seranov: Oh God, have mercy upon your servant Sidona, for he would pray for the benefit of the Jews and he would curse the satanic pagans.

Then we will dig a very big ditch in the ground and bury the ashes. At Briarcliff asylum, the sinister Dr Oliver Thredson (Zachary Quinto) takes Kit Walker (Evan Peters) from his cell to the common room to see Grace Bertrand (Lizzie Brocher) and meet their newborn son, Thomas (who appears to have been fathered by aliens when Grace was abducted). Thredson: Well, it's time for you to spend some quality time with your baby, Papa Kit: What have you done with him?

After reading the letter and responses, my coworker decided that Sally really needed a direct talking-to about it.

An employee, “Sally,” started at our workplace about a year and a half ago.

She’s not my subordinate, but is the subordinate to a peer of mine, and works frequently with my subordinates.

She went in with the same arguments that people suggested: that we respected her relationship, but that some details of relationships are appropriate for the workplace and some are not, and insisting on certain titles can fall into that ‘details’ category.

She used the example that we would of course always refer to people by the correct gender, and would never say “friend” or “roommate” if “boyfriend” or “partner” or “husband” was correct, but that on the other hand it would be inappropriate to call someone “my lover” or “my binkie-boo” in the office, that that is a level of intimate detail that your coworker does not need or want.

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It’s pretty clear that her coworkers aren’t comfortable asking her “will your master be at the end-of-summer barbecue?

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