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The first step is to flash a different recovery called Clockwork Mod (CWM) or Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) onto your device.Under the XDA forum for most devices you’ll find a thread about installing a custom recovery for that device — and some ROMs will recommend TWRP over CWM and vice versa.So without further ado, here are the steps to take. Check your nearest Pag-IBIG Fund office to check their scheduled Loan Counselling Session. Normally, you will be asked to accomplish the following documents: If you are qualified for a loan, you will be given the Checklist of Requirements (COR) depending on the purpose of your housing loan. (Read Step 3) Related: Are you qualified for a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan? But once all of the documents in the requirement checklist are ready, submit them together with the Loan Application Form.You will be asked to pay the processing fee, which is non-refundable.So here are the standard list of DFA Philippines passport application requirements that you will have to provide or produce before you make a move to apply for a Philippine passport.Please be reminded that this list only applies to DFA new passport applicants as passport renewals cover a different set of requirements as well as other special cases.Some devices, like the Nexus and Galaxy phones, are highly supported thanks to a lot of popularity and developer interest, but more obscure phones might be more difficult to find ROMs for.

Spend some time looking around here under the specific section for your device, and you’ll mostly likely stumble across dozens of unique custom ROMs.

Just a reminder that there are actually 3 major categories with which you may fall under if you are interest to apply for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).


This means that every device has a specific method for getting root access and then installing a custom ROM, and it can be kind of confusing. A custom ROM is simply a version of Android that third-party developers create for your device.

They are meant to replace what is known as the stock ROM, or the version of Android that the manufacturer provided on your device.

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Each have its own set of requirements plus additional set for those special cases that fall under any of the 3 major categories.

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