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Responding faster to a lead or a potential customer is going to leave a better impression than making new customers (or any customers) wait around. Not only will it make them happy, but it can also have a big impact on their potential to convert. They might have forgotten completely, or even worse, they may have moved on to a competitor with a faster response time.

Live chat is one of the quickest methods of customer service, but it used to be horrible. Live chat is one of the best tools that many B2B companies are utilizing on their websites. Thankfully, live chat can fix that, even when you personally aren’t there to respond. What if I told you that most companies don’t respond fast enough to capture the number of potential leads that are out there?

Look how Rapid Miner uses to get a feel for each site visitor: The fact is, forms are starting to die.

And live chat is one of the best ways to mitigate a decline in form submissions.

Now that you know exactly why you need live chat, let’s walk through how to set it up on your website.

And live chat does more than just decrease response time. Now that we’ve covered how response times can have major impacts on What if I’m out of the office and I get a few messages. ,” and it’s an excellent way to keep customers engaged and satisfied even if you aren’t personally available to respond.

It allows you to help customers instantly, despite not actually responding on your own.

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And if someone has that burning question and it isn’t answered quickly, they’re going elsewhere.

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