Reverse dns zone not updating

DNS log will show failed updates even though it DNS appears to have an updated entry. Secure and nonsecure are enabled on the forward zone, but only some reverse zones.Previous to me there was a general reverse zone allowing secure and nonsecure updates but also the appropriate 10.x.x.0/24 reverse zone but not allowing any updates.Tip: You can mark this post as the 'solution' if so desired using the above link. I'm a big fan of the Ubiquiti Uni Fi networking gear, I wrote about how I was able to use their gear to provide micro-segmentation of my Io T devices from the rest of my network.Because of the shared nature of the Grid, the reverse DNS record for the server is already set.It will come up as something similar to abcdefg.gs0x.~d From: Active [email protected] [mailto: Active [email protected]] On Behalf Of [email protected] Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 AMTo: [email protected] Subject: [Active Dir] Dynamic DNS randomly not updating. DHCP log will show many failures (31), DNS debug log shows very little but many (noerror).

Your server has a default reverse DNS record set up which points to the primary domain of your service.

My question is why aren't all my records updating their forward records?

And what's the benefit or disadvantage or using a large reverse DNS lookup zone?

Hi Community, before we start with DHCP let us complette the DNS config by creating a Reverse Lookup Zone on our current DNS server. The first thing we have to do is to open the “Server Manager” and than click “DNS” under “Tools”. In the DNS MMC we click right on “Revers Loopup Zone” and select “New Zone…”.

To learn more about DNS, feel free to visite Wiki page 5. To prevent us from to much network traffic because of DNS replication, we do not replicate the zone over the complette forest, we replicate only in this domain. After this you have to select the IP Version that will be handled by this zone. “Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates” could be a entrace for Haks (DNS spoofing). Now you get a short summary and you can create the zone by clicking “Finish”. If all works fine you should see the new zone in you DNS MMC.

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Tip: You can mark this post as the 'solution' if so desired using the above link. [email protected] Testing for client or permission issues, but I also don't see the harm.

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