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Special events take place in the basement and 3D football matches are shown down there too.

Don’t be surprised if you arrive at 6pm for a quick drink, get completely drawn in and don’t leave until the lights come on in the early hours. For a livelier night out, the Shoreditch Butchery is a bar-club organising live music and party nights whilst continuing to serve up an array of great cocktails including their signature rum-based Badman Cocktail.

For those after a slightly more immersive experience, choose between the group Emporium and Dram Shop experiences.

Participate in the world’s first Whiskey Theatre Show and blend your own signature whiskey or pick out a 100 year old bottle from the gin library.

We also explored the depths of sleep paralysis with artist and producer Carla Mac Kinnon, who shared her own experiences following a special screening of her award-winning experimental short documentary Devil in the Room, which evokes the worlds between sleeping and waking.

Regular updates can be found by following the @smudgedlippy Twitter feed and the #Diary Days hashtag.

London’s East End hipster neighbourhood of Shoreditch is full of quirky cafes, all-night raves, world-class street art and, of course, fabulously eclectic bars.

Serving up an array of sparkling English wines, alongside hearty craft beers and completely unique cocktails, no drinker will be left thirsty at the Worship Street Whistling Shop.

Created in the in-house lab using a variety of home-made ingredients, drinks on offer include the Exploded Martini, Illegal Mezcal and Malic in Wonderland.

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