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(Of all the names in all the world, the guy is named ? No wonder this show includes two major characters named Tom.) The Squire brothers cannot get Conway to fess up to anything, though, and they tell Leann to scram because they’ve been through enough.

A moment for Leann: She is not and will never be as wholly committed to Frank as Doug, who bends to his master’s will like light through a prism. This is grating to Frank, and also to me, and even to Claire, who probably never feels closer to Frank than in these heightened political moments, within grasp of the shared goals upon which their entire relationship is based. Meanwhile, Doug is out on henchman duty, whisper-growling to Jim Matthews about how he “fucking lied, straight-up, to the president of the United States.” Such a betrayal cannot stand for Doug, who decides it’s time to federalize the National Guard in Pennsylvania.

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Look, Conway already holds elected office and he has been campaigning for the presidency for at least a year.

How has he not come up with a bulletproof — war pun! Why is he still so obviously skittish and weird and evasive whenever this comes up? Tom, the perceptive novelist, tells Claire that Conway is “hiding something.” Where would Claire be without these illuminating insights?

Really the combinations in which one can have sex are endless.

And for some, sometimes it’s with two or more people or objects, or two or more people and objects.

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