Homestar runner no longer updating

It's often called "Canon Review" in these circumstances.The use of script-controllable downloaders (wget) or web crawlers like HTTrack can simplify both an Archive Trawl and an Archive Binge, due to having the comic permanently available offline usually with a minimum of time and hassle. Compare Browser Narcotic for the non-linear equivalent.It is not unusual for fans who have already been following a series to undertake several more archive binges, often initiated by an Archive Trawl.It's also good practice for Fan Fic writers to undertake this, especially in a new fandom, or one they're going back to.

For some of them, you need to be quite technically minded, though.Very common in webcomics and print comics with a rotating circle of writers.Less common on television given the emphasis on demographics and ratings, although Filler occasionally trots out old premises.A common example of this trope is when a story has a point of view character who's "the new kid in town" and learns about the setting along with the audience.It's inevitable that they'll get used to things before long, and if they don't settle into a new role or have something unique about them, they risk being outshined by the ensemble cast.

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