Interracial dating right or wrong

I have done some research and put together a little information for you to read, the first link is to actual services I believe and the others are general information to educate you He IS breaking several laws.

Your husband and you definitely seem in love – but what he is doing to you (slapping, violence, etc) is actually abuse.

And thankyou once again i really appreciate it, i hope we could meet in person someday and became friend in real life.

I do not know the laws about this kind of violence in Japan or your home country (but I *hear* men in Japanese society seem to have less concern and regard towards women than might be found elsewhere.

I have SEVERAL female nurse friends that work the emergency room at hospitals here and they see situations JUST LIKE YOURS too often.

Afterall to just knowing tht someone is listening is make me glad cuz i never really could share my story since i don’t have friend here in japan.

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