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Mia Khalifa is a name many guys have become familiar with in the last year.But in case you’re unaware of the Lebanese porn star and all the controversy that came with her newfound celebrity, here are some Instagram pics to get you up to speed.Having sex on camera is not always as flawless as the end results show."There can be many problems and you have to keep focused on pleasuring yourself knowing the viewers will be eventually watching your performance.From being in positions so long you get cramps — I have been in very awkward places and had to stop the action to relax a far stretched out leg — to extreme temperatures — I have been in a freezing cold mansion in the UK with no heating or been able to run the air conditioning during a scene in the middle of summer.I just want to know where I need to place myself so that I may be in a position to try my own hand, even if its just to get shut down (sometimes half the fun, HA! You don’t understand that most adult actresses are total regular people in their personal lives.Yes, they kind of have a weird little job but when they go home after work they want and need the same things a civilian girl would ask for.Seems like you would still have to put in work to score the panties from a porn actress the same way you would a regular girl.

Our politics will surprise you."A lot of my coworkers voted for Trump," advises Reign. Size actually doesn't matter as much as you think."Men think they need to have a big penis to please me," says Reign.Ninety percent of the industry is extremely health-conscious. Another very surprising thing about what it's like being a porn star is how different people treat you once they find out you've done or do porn."I've actually had other girls text my boyfriend and bash both he and I because I do porn and he decided to date me instead of them.We want to look good naked because we have sex on camera and healthy bodies are sexy! I've had friends who I grew up with and have known for 10 to 15 years suddenly stop talking to me, and then people who you never expected to be supportive, stand up. RELATED: 10 Ways To Have Crazy Porn Star Sex (That'll Make Him BEG For More)9.Again, that's another myth busted because not all women are size queens.7.We live a fairly healthy lifestyle."Being in porn is completely different than what people imagine.

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Look, I’m not even talking about you necessarily, I’ve wanted to fuck a pornstar for years, without paying, just through efforts known as “game” (I hate that term)…

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