Quiet guys are intimidating dating in your 20s

If a guy seeks after you because he is attracted to you, he won’t mind if you have a higher education than he does or not, or if you have a job, stay at home, or are in between jobs. No matter what you do, it will attract some guys and turn others off; just be sure that whatever you are doing reflects who you are. These guys are loveable, and girls feel a lot safer when around them.Now that I’ve clarified that, let’s start unpacking my answer!

Your hair will turn grey, and your appearance will change. If a guy seeks after you because of one of those things I just listed, they will leave when it is no longer applicable.By their nature, shy guys hardly dominate conversations.That is why if you are a very talkative girl, you would want to date a guy who doesn’t compete with you in a conversation.Other men are fine with women having jobs, but feel insecure if they do not have a ‘better’ or higher paying job than the lady.Whether you stay at home or go out into the workplace, I think it is important for you to be doing something.

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