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The limb or organ still exists in the DNA even though it was physically removed from the body, and the X-Change pill creates a full body, replete with all parts that were formerly missing.Then, when the person changes back, he retains those formerly missing parts. X-Change manufactures some pills which will last for 12 hours, others which last for 24 or 48 hours, some which last a week, a month, a year, and our super premium formula which effects a permanent change. Some may use it to try a new occupation better suited to a different sex and may choose the one year version. Men report a sensation of shrinking: shrinking in body height as long bones begin to shorten, and shrinking in the genitals as their penis shortens and soften and begins to draw into their body leaving only the smaller head visible to become the new clitoris. Some people use it as a kind of vacation and prefer a week or a month. We believe our pills are inexpensive, but the price is cut in half for those who become official X-Change Club members. We also off a premium for those who provide us with testimonials of their experience which we share with potential customers. It feels like movement inside as cells, muscles, organs and bones begin shifting in size and placement.It is considered a birth defect, but it is merely a case where the inactive DNA strands have been activated. Humans possess DNA instructions for up to 18 breasts. Currently we are working on changing one's race and ethnic appearance and other similar body characteristics, extremes of height and weight, exotic skin, eye and hair color, etc. As stated above, it is likely that you will no longer need to take prescription drugs, although you should not stop until you first consult with your primary care physician.Most of those instructions are inactive and most humans develop only two breasts, although multiple breasts and nipples are not at all unusual. You say that you are a white male and you want to be a 9-foot tall African futa with a green 16-inch cock, purple balls, six orange breasts, 4 inch fangs and yellow eyes? The jury is still out on that one, but it certainly looks promising. As for recreational drugs, we strongly recommend that you not use any, including alcohol, because the interaction produces unexpected, unpredictable and unusual results. What about people who are changed without their knowledge or consent?

By a process called "rejuvenation" all new cells are created in perfect condition.Not only will you get a discount on all our products, but you will be given the first opportunity to try new products as they become available. We will work on the ones first that are most popular. However, that person can subsequently acquire an STD and then pass it on to others, so it is always good to practice safe sex. Xauthority file location for a group of users to be $HOME/tmp/. I came up with something partial, but still I have now the . Xauthority which is actually a great progress for now.They are the same two people, but their sexual roles are reversed and the danger of pregnancy is avoided. What about the purists and moralists who say it is unnatural and immoral? Here are the 5 biggest ones: (1) The most common benefit comes from the new awareness that people develop about the opposite sex.If any person feels that way, then perhaps X-Change is not for them. It should be a personal choice that each person wants to do. Each becomes more understanding of the pressures and unique problems each must deal with.

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The clitoris enlarges and swells and lengthens becoming the new penis. They work all week at their regular job and then X-Change for a weekend respite. And if a person changes permanently and gets pregnant, she cannot change back until the pregnancy has ended. There is no age limit although it is dubious that anyone before the age of puberty would benefit. A related matter is that many high school biology teachers teach their class about puberty by enlisting students as volunteers to take the pills and then allow the class to watch the changes as they occur. Why is there so much resistance against X-Change from some groups?

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