Reiko aylesworth dating kiefer sutherland

A computer programmer named Andrew Paige discovers a strange code in Turkish on the Internet and believes it's part of a terrorist plot.

Fox decided to deviate from their normal 24 airing schedule and delay the season premiere until January 2005.

The episode's best scene is its closing one, with Jack hurting bad for a heroin fix.

Then again, in the end this remains Kiefer Sutherland's show, and the episode's ending indicates his character will probably suffer more than usual in this season.

There's a real emphasis on building an ensemble as opposed to this being central to one main character.

Jack gets a sidekick, Palmer now has his brother as chief adviser, and Kim's an analyst with the other desk jockeys at CTU who feel like they're one solid group.

From the get-go, Day 4 gives the impression of being something of a copy of Day 2, at least in the villains department, which inadvertently panders to stereotyping, although Shohreh Agdashloo's performance as the presumed terrorist's wife is convincing enough to forgive such a misstep.

Less easy to condone, however, is the absence of most of the show's established cast: Dennis Haysbert, Carlos Bernard, Reiko Aylesworth, Elisha Cuthbert - they're all missing, with only Sutherland and Rajskub providing a link with previous seasons.

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