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Processions, an element in all ceremonial, are to be found, as we should expect, in almost every form of religious worship.

The example of the processions with the Ark in the Old Testament (cf.

Although not now formally recognized as a procession in the liturgical books, we may say that the sprinkling of the congregation with holy water at the beginning of the parochial Mass on Sundays preserves for us the memory of the most familiar procession of the early Middle Ages .

In England the perambulation of the parishes on the "Gang days", as the Rogation days were called, lasted far into the seventeenth century.After the sprinkling of the high altar and of the other altars of the church in order, the whole body of the monks, after being sprinkled themselves, went in procession through the cloister, making stations there, while the celebrant assisted by two lay brothersblessed the different portions of the monastery (see Martène, "De antiq. The rubric only directs that the priest having intoned the antiphon "Asperges me" is to sprinkle the altar and then himself and his assistants.After which he is to sprinkle the clergy and the people, while he recites the Miserere with his assistants in a low voice.We might also add to these "ordinary" processions the carrying of the Blessed Sacrament to the altar of repose on Maundy Thursday and the return on Good Friday, as well as the visit to the font on Holy Saturday and the procession which forms part of the rite of the consecration of the holy oils in cathedral churches on Maundy Thursday.This latter function is described in full in the Roman Pontifical.

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For example a Council of Nantes before the year 900 enjoins that "every Sunday before Mass, each priest is to bless water in a vessel which is clean and suitable for so great a mystery, for the people to be sprinkled with when they enter the church, and let him make the round of the yard [ atrium ] of the said church with the [processional] crosses, sprinkling it with the holy water , and let him pray for the souls of them that rest therein" ( Mansi, "Concilia", XVIII, 173).

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