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Did your prescription remain roughly stable or have you had increases over the years?David , Hey Cactus, I have one bit of info that people that have known me a long time have said.I had cateracts removed at 6 weeks old and had glasses with elastic round the back of my head.I don't know what prescription they were but I don't think it has changed very much over the years.In the last few years it's risen by around 0.25 to 0.5 per year, the glasses you're seeing are the ones I use for my computer and I prefer something a little stronger as it helps with eye [email protected], i'd be interested to see a picture of your glasses to see how they compare to my older ones. My prescription is plus 27ish and also find a huge difference between wearing glasses and contacts.However if you look at her lenses from the side you can see that it is a relatively strong prescription.

Groot , At what point does the average observer start describing glasses as thick, coke bottles or strong? I was a rep at the time and they made a huge difference to driving. Everyone said I was always blinking and they were prone to popping out.

I was at school in the 60's and had round NHS kids glasses with the curl sides.

The ones I had in Secondary school had full frame lenses which were very thick. David , Hey Owlish, I did have them from a very young age, the first RX I think I was given was around 16, very quickly jumping to almost 19, it stayed around there until I think 3-4 years old at which point it dropped year on year until it hit a low of around 12.

It's clear to me that the lenticular lenses look better and must be much lighter and more comfortable to wear.

My impression is that opticians are trained to believe that full-view is better but of course they want to sell expensive high index and aspheric lenses. I guess you had pretty strong glasses from an early age.

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