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To the woman from Cleveland a couple comments below -- the song was released in September of 2010. Bless your heart, I hope the blanket of fear is lifted from your consciousness.

I hope they make other songs like this [email protected] - Sacto, Ca - I can't help but notice that almost every single "I" is capitalized.

I knew kids like this in school and I made a point of being friends with them so they had at least some support and not let the isolation drive them crazy.

The worst part of the situation though is that I hear the cries of why should I care about these kids that would hurt others for revenge.

His archetype is identical to saviors and prophets from earlier and much older religions though and has been used over and over for the last 5000 years.

I hope someday we can all just let the silliness go and drop religion because it stands as a major impediment to the development of an advanced civilization.

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You need to prove your value to be accepted as one of mainstream person in school, and society if you are adult.

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