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Pat is a fantastic guy and great with spinning and baitcasting as well as being an authority on fly fishing.He can probably give you the info you need or send you on the right path. Greenfield Ave Milwaukee, WI 53214 Phone: 414-259-8100 Email: [email protected] the way, I am not sure what you consider to be old, but Lee Wulff was born in 1906 and died in 1991 at 85 years of age.So if you find a rich collect off Shore tell him about my reel.Mick Shamelessly Selling1940s Thill Just in case some classic fly collecters drift in, I also have Many other rare Fly items to sell Including books, a Hardy otters, Framed Irish Fly in different stages of being tied.The case is a thing of real beauty From what Im told Lee Woulf did not join them until after the 1960s, or 70s.

If you have any questions or want to know more, check out the links to our friends or give us a call!

Mix and match ferrules South Bend and unknown sizes 11 and 17.

Aluminum down-locking reel seat, may be Phillipson. Black and white silk thread wraps with gold tipping.

Charles Cotton wrote at Waltons fly sections about 5 years after hw wrote teh Complete Angler in 1653.

Just thought More things I can sell I have a very early Salmon fly rod with drop ring eyes from the late 1800s It has 3 tips ( top sections, ) and 2 middle, they broke so easliy then.

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