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Use CSS to define the behavior of the links on your web pages.If you use a WYSIWYG-type HTML tool, make sure that you delete all unnecessary blank spaces this tool inserts in your HTML code. Keep Content to the Point Keep your content simple and easy understandable. Do not use “high-tech” terms, unless your readers are of academic level.If we understand this as being the size of all the displayed elements (page’s script graphics content), then 15 KB doesn’t seem so much, right?Let’s see what we can put into 15 KB: * one graphic element (your web optimized logo) with a disk size around 1Kb * 1000 words of content (you should have content-rich pages) * 3 KB of script (HTML, CSS) * another graphic element of, let’s say, 2 KB (your linking partner’s banner etc.) It is not so bad, is it?Your customers look to you to give them handy how-to advice on pet care if you sell pet supplies or the latest trends if you’re in fashion.Blogging is a great way to offer current, helpful information to your customers.

Quick loading web pages – a must for website optimization and a good policy in search engine optimization. Unless you rely ONLY on users with high speed Internet connections, you must take into consideration the quick loading issue for your web pages.According to statistics, a first-time visitor will not “waste” more than 5 seconds until seeing the content of your web page or, at least, until he/she gets an idea about what the web page is about.This means that for an average transfer rate of 3 Kbytes per second your web page must take maximum 15 Kbytes of disk space.Update products and lookbooks, introduce new concepts through your blogs and you’ll see what works and what doesn’t.Find the right formula and keep it going from there. If you haven’t already, start dedicating an equal amount of time updating your web-content as you do dressing your window storefront or product displays.

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Once upon a time, you could only view an item online – a shoe, for example – in one color.

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