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I don’t know any more than the average person whose been following the story or who has watched the video.

But my experience within the industry brings me to see it this way.

The letter also addresses remarks Mr O’Leary made last month in which he said pilots were “full of their own self-importance” and said: “I would challenge any pilot to explain how this is a difficult job or how it is they are overworked.” The chief executive says those comments had been “misreported”, and that in any event they were “specifically directed at pilots of competitor airlines”.

One pilot said of the letter: “This reeks of desperation.” Brian Struttoe, the general secretary of the British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA), said: “Our feedback from Ryanair pilots who have seen Michael O’Leary’s letter suggests that he still doesn’t get it. K have told us that they don’t want half-hearted excuses to shut them up.

Other airlines pounced for Monarch's Airbus-trained pilots as soon as the collapse was announced; easy Jet, whose HQ is just across from Monarch in Luton, is aggressively recruiting them, and Virgin Atlantic has also been pitching for flight crew.

“If you have, or are considering, joining one of these less financially secure or Brexit-challenged airlines, I urge you to stay with Ryanair for a brighter future for you and you family,” he writes.In the latest twist in the Ryanair pilots’ saga, the airline’s boss has written to flight crew to offer them a loyalty bonus — while warning about job prospects in what he calls “a very insecure industry”.Last month the Irish airline cancelled 20,000 flights, disrupting the travel plans of around three-quarters of a million people.Some airlines are better at this than others, of course, and while it’s a culture and mindset issue, it’s also a logistical one, which makes it even harder to address and fix.The vast size and time-sensitive nature of an airline’s front-line operation, and the heavily compartmentalized pockets in which its employees work, each with their own objectives and expertise, play important roles as well.

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