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The simulations lined up with this idea, showing that many of the asteroids that are thought to have transported water and organic material to the early planets were likely not made of solid rock, as previously thought.

And, the mud would have helped to moderate temperature inside the glob of water and dust grains, making it more consistent throughout.

But, recent computer simulations from the Tokyo Institute of Technology considered the metal concentrations on Earth, the moon, and Mars, and found that a huge collision could have brought all the precious metals to Earth at once.

The researchers believe that this happened before the Earth's crust formed – around 4.45 billion years ago.

By 1000 BCE, medical systems based upon herbs could be found in China, Korea, and India.

Early uses were connected with magic, medicine, religion, tradition, and preservation.

This was done by applying a model known as the Mars and Asteroids Global Hydrology Numerical Model (MAGHNUM).

The most important discovery prior to the European spice trade were the monsoon winds (40 CE).Indonesian merchants traveled around China, India, the Middle East, and the east coast of Africa.Arab merchants facilitated the routes through the Middle East and India.An example of the European aristocracy's demand for spice comes from the King of Aragon, who invested substantial resources into bringing back spices to Spain in the 12th century.He was specifically looking for spices to put in wine, and was not alone among European monarchs at the time to have such a desire for spice.

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The value of these goods was the equivalent of a yearly supply of grain for 1.5 million people.

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