Does dating cause stress

Since technology has given us the ability to send and receive messages instantly, we assume that the object of our affections saw our "Hey! :)" moments after we hit "send." Facebook and Whats App even tell us exactly when a message is seen, which makes it all the more maddening when we don't get a response.

However, research has found that this can be just as detrimental to our happiness, as Facebook moods can be contagious!

According to a study by, one in four women deliberately post unflattering photos of their friends wearing bikinis online and two fifths had deliberately posted photos of their friends without makeup.

No wonder a study by Fitbit identified unflattering Facebook photos as the new number one weight loss trigger!

But with virtual communication, the impact of that overthinking tendency becomes even more acute.

Even seeing those "typing awareness indicators" — the three dots that appear when your texting partner is composing their response — "Whenever someone doesn't text me back, I'm going to be thinking, ' Oh my gosh, what did I say wrong? ' or even ' Am I that bad at making conversation?

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In fact, according to experts, you could be providing enough information for somebody to easily set up a bank account in your name.

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