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Kamat started preparing in the autumn of the lower sixth, and wishes she had had more time: “If you think about the people you’re competing against, they’ve been planning a lot longer.

I had to do the US application in my own time, alongside my Ucas application and preparing for my A-levels.” “Starting early is key,” agrees Lisa Montgomery, chairman of Edvice, an education consultancy specialising in US university admissions.

“They want to know that there are things in the world that intrigue you and that you’ve pursued these things,” says Montgomery.

“If you like music, you should be playing instruments, going to concerts, blogging about it - really engaging with it.” How to choose your university There are 4,000-plus American universities available, ranging from public, to private, to Ivy League, to liberal arts colleges.

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I run a small app company (uk) and there are a lot of societies and classes to cater for that.With help from my school, I realised the US system suited me.” The former pupil at The Lady Eleanor Holles School, in Hampton, Middlesex, is now just starting her second year at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League institution.The liberal arts system – which allows students to study a range of subjects in the first two years before choosing a “major” – has meant that she has discovered new interests: “If someone had told me a year ago that I would do economics, love it and be considering it for my major, I wouldn’t have believed you.” Kamat’s story is just one of a growing number of students choosing the USA.The variety can be confusing (see uk for full descriptions).“Just because you haven’t heard of a university, doesn’t mean it’s no good,” says Montgomery.

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