Ways to look intimidating

When tied correctly, this long and slender knot creates a striking and unmistakable layered cylindrical effect.

A very cool knot that works best with light colors.

It’s impossible to adjust after being tied, so you need to get it right the first time. Originally known as the Ediety Knot, if you're a big fan of The Matrix, you'll recognize this knot sported by the merovingian. It looks like your tie is actually wearing a little miniature tie. It's a reversed version of the Pratt Knot, resulting in an inside-out knot that shows the intricate tie knot structure that's usually hidden on the back.

It’s recommended for festivities or informal social events.

A fabulous necktie knot that is ideal for business scenarios.It's a remarkable formal knot that is increasingly gaining respect.While somewhat challenging to tie, it's definitely worth the effort, because it never fails to make the ultimate impression. Check out this amorous necktie knot crafted in the shape of a rose.It’s best suited for narrow collared shirts and paired with a vest.This awesome work of tie artistry is shaped in the form of a fishbone, hence the name.

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