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Placing moderators on ignore prevents them from being able to do their job, with regard to your character, and if you have ignored a room moderator, they are strongly encouraged to ban you from any rooms they moderate.

It is possible that your settings are not currently allowing the mail to reach your inbox. If you have already signed up for an account, and your validation email isn't in your inbox or spambox, please put in a ticket to request a manual validation.In short, any user may be placed on ignore by any other user, for any reason.The person doing the ignoring is not required to provide a reason, and a failure to provide a reason for an ignore will not be accepted as a valid reason to report someone.Placing a user on ignore (Or being placed on ignore yourself) will automatically put the account in the associated blocklist.Staff will not go around ignores on your behalf, and attempting to do so yourself is a violation of the rules concerning ignores and ignore evasion.

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