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Though this album was the last to feature Donelly, it carried many of her signature sounds.

While she only wrote two songs for this album ("Honeychain" and "Not Too Soon"), the Muses had a jumpier, poppier sound that Donelly kept with her when she moved to Belly.

Having initially banded together in their shared search to find the sweet spot between rock and electronica, The Ramona Flowers have progressed through two albums – Dismantle And Rebuild (2014) and Part Time Spies (2016) – to their finely-honed third long-player, Strangers.

Their most electronic and dancefloor-ready offering to date.

For Strangers, The Ramona Flowers employed a new creative modus operandi of the collective members writing separately, using computers and synthesisers, before bringing the songs to the rest of the band in the studio to complete as a team. “These guys don’t pick up their guitars any more,” laughs Bird.

Have heard this song since George died and it never never sounds as good or the same without that beautiful 12 string Rick he played.

After finalizing her divorce last year, things were looking up for the 60-year-old as she started dating again.Now that her daughter Hannah’s moving out, Dorinda says she’s relishing the idea of living alone.“I’ve either been married or a single mom or remarried.Her daughter Avery can’t even get through a shopping trip without being bossed around by her mom ad nauseam about silly things like wearing her coat inside the store and disliking her mother’s choice of eyewear.Unlike the others, though, Avery’s not afraid to show off her Ramona Singer impersonation skills right to her face and calls her out for being aggressive in her conversation modes with Bethenny last week.

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