Spain sex with women

60% of women prostituted in Spanish brothels are from Romania, but how do they get there?

This article draws on interviews with prostitution survivors, the police and prosecutors to reveal how Romanian trafficking gangs are extending their operations across Spain.

The mafias began to traffick hundreds of young girls across the borders, usually lured by false offers of work.

First, they are usually transported across the Hungarian border by bus.

The shared language and similarities in culture were considered attractive by male buyers in Spain.

After the change in the law, the number of Latina women fell sharply and the brothel owners began to look for girls from other countries.

"The women only get a few euros to buy cigarettes and little else".There were 25 individual rooms on the top floor and Marina was given room 12: a number that is burned into her memory forever.That first night she slept in the room where, for the following two years, she would go through hell.At this point the Romanian mafias entered the picture.Romania, which joined the EU in 2007, belongs to the ‘Schengen Area’ of European states where border controls have been abolished.

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Once inside Hungary, the journey to Spain is simple.

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