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While they were interrogating Dylan, Sharon Mc Avoy called and as soon as she heard Alex's voice, she lied and said "wrong number".

Alex noted it was a woman on the other end, and Dylan said it was his boss's right hand woman, Amanda.

The disclosures come as a public inquiry into Stafford Hospital, where thousands died amid appalling failings in care, prepares to publish recommendations later this year on changes to prevent such a scandal being repeated.

"Instead, tens of thousands of people are dying every year while afflicted with bedsores and infected wounds - this is as shaming as an indictment of the care they received as it is possible to see." Earlier this month Mr Cameron announced that nurses would have to undertake hourly ward rounds to check whether patients are hungry, in pain, or need help going to the lavatory.

She apparently cheated and left Noah for her other lover, leaving Noah hurt and returning back to Genoa City.

Months later, Noah finds a duffle bag filled with money and a note from Adriana asking him to keep the money safe.

Adriana then finds a job as an assistant for Katherine Chancellor.

But the job doesn't last long and Adriana is dropped off canvas.

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Angela Stephens is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Jill Lover since October 2015.

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