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About Lithuania - Lithuania or the Republic Of Lithuania is a East European nation and it is the largest of the three Baltic states, the other two being Estonia and Latvia. Subscription to the membership allows visitors to get all contact information of Lithuanian brides in agency database.

Along with Lithuanian brides you will find lots of articles about marriage, tips how to atract females, stories about Lithuanian brides, topics about Lithuanian women behaviour and their way of life.

Three others helped move money and attended the fake weddings.

Maybe I am conservative in my nature, because I am looking for solid bases everywhere, and I think this is quite natural,...

more about Marina from Kiev I think that i am very creative person and maybe because of this i have chosen such profession like barista) Because i am not just making sweet coffee for my clients, but every cup...

A GANG WHO flew Lithuanian brides into the UK as part of an immigration scam were sentenced at Croydon Crown Court in London today.

Ringleaders Lina Kezelyte, 33, and Mohemmed Jemaldeen, 33, ‘match-made’ the brides with their grooms, who were men from south Asian and west African countries who had tried and failed to get visas to remain in the UK by other means.

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  1. 'I had always been very self-conscious and had never felt very beautiful so I just got more depressed and my bad health made me feel awful,' Larina said.

  2. Nowhere is this cancer most evident than in the metastasis currently observed in our existing family court system, where judges regularly brag and call themselves reelected without even having to appear on the ballots.