Dating the age of an oak tree

This first table was published years ago by, but without information on the underlying research.

Consider the results to be ballpark but with a wide variance.

Therefore landscape trees may not be quite as old as the calculation indicates and forest trees will grow slower and thus may be older than the calculation indicates.

Also, young landscape trees grow faster, you should slightly reduce the growth factor and for very old trees which have grown slowly in old age, you should slightly increase the factor.

As a young journalist I actually covered in 1996 Swampy and other eco-warriors who were living among – and even chained to – trees to stop the construction of a bypass in Newbury.

The average arm span is approximately equal to your height.

Generally an average adult ‘tree hug’ is considered 1.5 metres from finger tip to finger tip.

Nor was I planning for some random tree hugging but had one particular oak I wanted them to date.

I’ve written before about visiting this ancient tree on private land with Luce and Theo but no one was sure exactly how old it was.

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(Luce and Theo have also grown since this picture of them standing by the oak last summer!

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