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She removed her fingers that were covered in her warm juices and turned over. Dressed in her favourite tight black jeans, white singlet and cardigan.The bedroom door opened at that moment and Erica's best friend Lainey entered. A gold chain hung around her neck and a hair band kept her wavy blonde hair from her pretty face. " Erica hugged her tight and put her head on her shoulder, her scent smelled of flowers.She placed her hands on the insides, palms down and arched her back so her hips rose up.Erica licked her finger slowly then slipped her hand down the top of her pink panties and felt her soft downy pubic hair.

Her breathing was regular and her thoughts went to Geoff as she bent her legs at the knees and parted her thighs.

Her hips gyrated and little spasms went through her stomach.

Erica's finger went deeper and her breathing became more intense as her finger found her clitoris and rubbed the hard nub.

Now he had turned to another, and Erica had realised her mistake and longed for him return her feelings.

In her eighteenth year she had never really had a true boyfriend despite her attractive looks.

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