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The area was at the junction of two powerful Celtic Tribes – the Coritanii to the east from Leicester, and to the west the Cornovii from Viroconium Cornoviorum.

In the post Roman or Arthurian period (The Dark Ages), the nucleus of Coleshill moved about a kilometre to the south, to the top of the hill.

According to the 2001 census statistics of open green belt land between Coleshill and the rest of the conurbation.

The green belt narrows to approximately 150 yards to the north near Water Orton, and to approximately 700 yards at the southern tip of the settlement boundary where Coleshill meets Chelmsley Wood, but is in excess of a mile wide at some points in between.

There are also medieval table tombs with effigies of Knights, including John de Clinton.

You’ll generally find a mix of new and regular members at our events.Today though, they are one of the town's tourist attractions, having been restored and preserved by the Gascoigne family, a local family who have run businesses in Coleshill for over 100 years.At the top of Coleshill, just past Packington Lane, is a red post box that bears the Royal Seal of Edward VIII.Coleshill is located on a ridge between the rivers Cole and Blythe which converge to the north with the River Tame.It is just to the east of the border with West Midlands county outside Birmingham.

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