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Companies aim to please every customer to keep their loyalty and this is why customer is always right, given the right circumstances.If you are requesting for some charges to be removed from your account like a late fee, once is maybe reasonable depending on your excuse.You can choose from a drop down list of services to get the right department both for phone calls and chat service.They also have different mailing addresses for customer service departments if you decide to mail in your request for service or other pertinent documents instead.However, if you have a late fee every month and it’s all because you simply do not make the payment on time, don’t expect to be treated right.

Customer service should be customer centered and an agent should always try his or her best to resolve your matter as soon as possible.

There will be instances when they can do so right away but there will also be instances when you will have to be patient and let them do their work and let their work take its course.

There have been so many problems about credits, late payments or payment postings because some customers do not understand the processing times.

Get your account details ready and other important information that you might need like an ID number, account number, mailing address if you have not memorized it or statement of accounts if you’re calling to clarify your balance or due date.

You will definitely need some information ready for verification especially if you are calling in behalf of someone else like your spouse.

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Also, don’t forget to repeat the information so that the representative can verify it for you.

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