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Withdrawals after the second week are not eligible for refunds.

If the student drops below 12 credits prior to the end of the first week of the semester, the student’s status will be changed to part-time, and the student will be billed at the per credit rate.The NSC now provides current Monmouth University students with Enrollment Verifications.This allows Monmouth students to print verification certificates, view their enrollment history, and all verifications of enrollment provided at the student's request through the Student Self-Service.All refunds will be based on the official date of withdrawal, which is the date the completed withdrawal form or an e-mail message (e-mail must be from the student’s University Hawkmail account and sent to ([email protected]) is received by the Office of the Registrar.The University encourages students to make notification of withdrawal in writing; however, verbal communication in the form of a phone call to the office will be accepted within the following guidelines: Pro-rata percentages are applied against tuition, comprehensive fee, lab fee, orientation fee, and room and board fees (less a 0 cancellation fee for students who have contracted for housing).

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