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He probably thinks that just because he cheated on Demi Moore, that Mila might cheat on him.This is what happens when cheaters are finally confronted with the truth – their delicate house of cards comes crashing down, and they’re forced to deal with their deep-rooted insecurity issues.

Obviously, something needed to be fixed, he needed to be aware of it, and she needed to get it off her chest."Jada Pinkett Smith on keeping things fresh: "Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex. And I remember thinking, 'Damn, these girls are fly' -- I just thought it was the ultimate sexy show I've ever seen. It was nerve-racking." 2002: With "That '70s Show" turning both Kutcher and Kunis into household names, their private lives became the interest of the public.

Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis dated for eight years before breaking up, so it’s not hard to imagine that there’s still some lingering feelings there.

Plus, Mila’s got to miss the relative privacy of dating Macaulay, since she’s at the center of tabloid attention with her new relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

Because obviously, what’s the best solution to getting some space from your fiance? Star’s ‘source’ explains, “Kunis is living proof that you never really get over your first love.

Mila needs someone to talk to, and Macaulay knows her better than anyone.

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Plus, Mila’s not the type of person to take shit from anyone, especially not her boyfriend.

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