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The origin of mountains is explained in a number of ways by the cultures of the different regions of Romania.One account is that mountains formed as a response to God demanding the Earth to nurture all life, to which the earth shuddered and brought forth mountains.The Devil, however, tried to rebel, and, in response, God opened up the heavens so that he might fall to the earth.Fearing that Heaven might be voided, the archangel Michael re-sealed it, thus freezing the demons that had not yet fallen to hell in place.Since they live in isolation, they have no way of knowing when Easter comes.

Some explain them as the descendants of Adam's son Seth.As this piece of clay grew into the earth, God laid himself down to sleep.The Devil tried to push him over the side, but the ever-expanding earth would hinder that.Earthquakes are frequently attributed to the earth slipping due to the Devil's constant gnawing at these pillars, which are rebuilt by God and his angels in times of fasting.According to Christian calendar, Romanians from Banat, Transilvania, Bucovina and Maramureș counties celebrate Easter of Blajini on first Monday after St. Easter of Blajini is called also Easter of Deaths or Mighty Easter.

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