Dating marriage family during renaissance

Southerners traveled from one port city to another on ships; they crossed over land by foot or uncomfortably on the back of a donkey.

Northerners traveled by foot or, increasingly, by boat on canals and rivers.

As population levels began to recover, people became more prosperous, and workers' wages bought more and better food.

Peasants then had to find some means of getting cash to pay the lord.Broadly, Mediterranean societies experienced hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters, while the North experienced mild, temperate summers and long, cold winters.The Mediterranean region had arid (dry) or semiarid mountain ranges, while the North was characterized by broad expanses of fertile plains and forest.In the meantime, the gap between rich and poor was widening.The upper and merchant classes took advantage of the money economy to establish thriving banks and businesses that formed the basis of modern capitalism (private or corporate ownership of goods).

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