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"You can only imagine how my heart soared." Meredith Maran is the author of 10 nonfiction books.Her first novel, A Theory of Small Earthquakes, was published this year."I was 24 years old, and I was a child of my mother's Chinese reticent ways," he explains. His father told Sayre he had thrown it away — which triggered an estrangement that lasted a year. Finally Sayre summoned his courage and invited his parents to his apartment, where he said aloud that he was gay. "That was really nice." Sayre pauses, then adds pensively, "The challenge for all children is figuring out how to grow up."My mother reached for the box of Kleenex, weeping, and said, 'What did I do wrong? That's what I was going through the year I didn't speak to my parents."A lot of boomers came from very restrictive families," Sichel says."We didn't make the kinds of demands on our kids that our parents placed on us, and that fostered dependency and helplessness.Next: Shouldn't Facebook make it easier to stay in touch?

In an ongoing survey that Vagnoni hosts on her website, nearly one in three parents estranged from their children reported having contemplated suicide.

So our kids never learned to exercise autonomy in a healthy way." Elizabeth Vagnoni, 56, is a filmmaker who is estranged from her two adult sons.

She runs the website Estranged Stories, where people post painful personal accounts they may not have shared with anyone — even close friends.

"Looking back on it," she says now, "I saw that while I was going through my divorce, Marcus needed more emotional support than I was able to give." She called Marcus and apologized, and he responded.

"I seem to have moved forward with my son," she says.

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"When that's broken, parents feel they've failed as human beings." In Vagnoni's survey, 61 percent of alienated children said they would like to resume relationships with their parents, but only under specified conditions. Nearly half of the young adults said they bore "no responsibility" for the estrangement. Manhattan therapist Irina Firstein says backing away from a parent is sometimes the best option: "When a grown child gets nothing but disapproval from an overpowering and controlling parent, he or she needs to separate to develop a healthy sense of self." Next: The problem with growing up.

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